A Lick Of Death - A non-profit project from bands for bands.


You want to be part of the sampler? Great!

We are checking the background of each applying band because we do not want to support or promote political or religious bands. Before sending your application please check if your band and song meet the following conditions.

Terms for participation


any kind of Metal
doesn’t matter
no politics, no religions
active newcomer


Publishing date:
max. 24 months or unpublished
max. 7:00 minutes
wav, 44.1 kHz, 16 Bit
max. 68 MB
if available
no GEMA or comparible

In addition we need your band logo (vector preferred), a band photo (minimum 400px wide), a short biography in English including information about setting, genre, founding year, origin and lyrics themes and links for Facebook, Spotify, Youtube and your website if available (alternatively Bandcamp ArtistCard, etc.) plus 60 EUR contribution towards costs (for cover artwork, pressing, postage and publishing online) which you only have to pay if your participation is confirmed.

When everything is checked, simply apply and send all files and information before december 31 to participate on the following year’s issue. If your application is valid and your song is suitable for the sampler we will confirm your participation and send you an e-mail containing the payment information.

Your benefits

The idea is to save time and money and minimize dependencies and bottle-necks by having all participating bands pay in advance and taking care of the sampler’s distribution. Layout, production, website and promotion are handled by us. For the fee mentioned above you get 100 copies (each band’s share) to distribute and promote freely. This is little effort for everyone on the one side and great range on the other side because 1,000 copies are distributed into 10 different directions which maximizes the outcome.

The songs’ distribution on Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, etc. is included and also taken care of by us. Since A Lick Of Death is a non-profit project, every single generated cent (unfortunately it’s not possible to offer the sampler for free via Amazon, etc.) goes directly to you.

If you are convinced now and want to participate on the next sampler simply contact us via e-mail respecting the terms above. Cheers!